Skies of Thunder Moon

        ODEONQUARTET: Gennady Filimonov & Artur Girsky, violins;
        Heather Bentley, viola; Rowena Hammill, cello 

Sonata for Cello and Piano

    Simca Heled Cello, Jonathan Zak, Piano
    1. Adagio-Allegro 2.Largo 3.Allegretto

"M" for String Quartet

    Kronos String Quartet 

Baroque Fantasy for Solo Violin

    Max Polikoff, Violin
    1. Allegro 2. Adagio 3. Allegro Furioso


    Topoango Symphony Orchestra
    Jerome Kessler, Conductor
    1. Songfield 2. Elegy 3. Dancing


Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin
Jonathan Salzedo - Harpsichord

Pre Ambling - Andante or So
Magic Mandarin – Sprightly
Lone Some – With a wistful sadness
Tango Tails – With a rose firmly clenched between teeth
Summer Ice – A hazy summer waltz
Jacks to Jumping – Con Vivaciness
Music for a Rainy Afternoon - A thought reflecting after itself

"Telling Tales" had its origins decades ago, when I was working on a series of children's' projects. The individual pieces were coalesced into a suite for flute and harpsichord. Though the details are only fragments of memory at this point, I do recall that the melodies were drawn from several sources including a record project, commercials, and if I am not mistaken a song for a lovely young, yet mysterious woman. These days I often revisit early works, reworking the material to see how they might sound if they were written more recently.  So "Telling Tales" for Violin and Harpsichord is the 2013ish take on music from the 1970s. 

This page features a range of new concert music by Stuart Diamond -- from chamber music to orchestral.

Many of the performers are legendary, including Karen Bentley Pollick, Kronos, Max Pollikoff, Simca Heled, et al.

Check back as more performances are added to the list on a regular basis.


Baroque Fantasy by Stuart Diamond for solo violin is a three movement work that looks back at the Baroque solo violin pieces through a contemporary prism. It is played by Karen Bentley Pollick. The work was premiered in 1974 and played by legendary violinist Max Pollikoff.

Simca Heled and Jonathan Zak perfrom the first two movements of The Sonata for Cello and Piano 

Full List of Music Compositions


Concerto for Two Pianos Scenes for Four Keyboards and Orchestra
Paean for Soprano and Orchestra Songs for Soprano and Orchestra
Four Cameos for String Orchestra
"Macha" for Baritone and Orchestra
Flute Concerto 
Three Madrigals
Nexus Jazz for Flute and Chamber Orchestra 
The Skies of Thunder Moon
Concerto for Lyricon & Orchestra


President Macbeth 
Winding Down
Two Hundred Years in the Future 
With Our Own Hands
MainStay Series 
Hands Across America
SmokeOut Journey
The Submerged Lake 
The Greatest Hits of 2150 
The Oddest Duet


Lulu for Now 
Emperor Bamboo
Darling Poor Darling 
The Visitation
Master of the Astral Plane 
Cockroach Cabaret
Beauty Beast 
Dances for a Summer Evening
Bachianas Colorturis 
Theme and Variations


The Jester 
The Adventures of Andrew in the Land of Odibil 
Darling, Poor Darling
Succubus (Flute and Tape) 
Diana et Acteon (Flute and Tape)
Japanese Ghost Stories Rituals
The Greatest Hits of 2150
Beauty Beast
Theme and Variations
Three Pieces for Summer Music 
KONZERTO for Solo Violin and Electric Orchestra

Being Alice
Then, Now and Again


Lyric Images 
Dances of Merlin
Beauty and the Beast 
K for Electric String Quartet 
Symphony for two Synthesizers 
Sonatine Prophetique
Painted Clouds Sonata for Lyricon and Piano


Prelude and Toccata for Piano 
Concert Pieces for Piano
Five Dances for Piano 
J'AN for solo flute
J'AN II for alto flute 
Mists for bass flute
Music for a Rainy Night cello and piano 
Wedding Music for cello and piano
The Dreams of JEZ clarinet and piano 
Sonata for violin and piano
Song of Songs soprano and piano 
Circus Music bassoon and piano
Jazz Sonata alto flute and piano 
Clarinet Solo
Two and Three Part Inventions for Piano Preludes for Piano
Baroque Fantasy solo violin 
Ghost Fantasy solo violin
Solo Fantasy for Bassoon 
Children's Tales for flute and Harpsichord
Sonata for Cello and Piano 
Brooke Piano Solo
Revolutionary Tales Piano Solo 
The Resurrection baritone and piano
Ballad for No Proper Man baritone and piano 
Garden of Love baritone and piano
Images for Piano Solo


Duo for flute and bassoon String Quartet in E Minor
String Quartet #2 Quartet for Winds and Piano
The Resurrection baritone and ensemble 
The Goddess for flute and soprano
Fragments from a Lost Adventure (Fl & Gt) 
Baroque Variations (Fl, Bsn, & Pn)
Songs of the Courtesans (AlFl, Gt, Sop) 
Cabaret Songs alto flute and guitar
Jazz Trio flute, bassoon and piano 
Brass Quintet 
M String Quartet 
Sonatine Flute/Violin and Guitar


The Greatest Hits of 2150 
Chico and the Chick
The Magic Mandarin


The Man of Music 
The Son's Prayer
Hue Man 
The Fire of Sun
I Thee I Sing 

Child of Love 


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